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Although it is believed that the name Royle has been known in Bowdon, and indeed in much of north east Cheshire, for many centuries research initiated by Harold Royle (1915 - 2000) in the 1990s was unable to go back, with any certainty, before 1671. At the time little research had been done on the associated families - the Parretts, the Coles and the Crisps - but this has now been included thanks to the ready availability of census, birth, marriage and death records via the several Internet based search facilities although they have only been tracked back to around the beginning of the 19th century. The earliest traced member of the Parrett family came from Lincolnshire (contrary to what current members of the family thought) whilst the Coles appear to have come from Somerset and the Crisps from Norfolk.


This site is intended to be no more than a means of publicising the results of this research for the wider benefit of others. The records often show variations in the spelling of names and these are replicated in the trees on the following pages. Nonetheless errors and omissions are inevitable and any comments would be welcome via our e-mail address below.


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We hope you enjoy browsing the site and find at least something of interest - maybe even a connection with your own family!


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